Top Three Things That Moms Pack but Never Use- Hospital Bag Edition

For this post, twenty moms were asked the question "what did you pack in your hospital bag that you didn't actually use?" and here are the most common answers. I have to say, I agree!


Coming in at number one, MAKEUP!

Are we really surprised? Of course we want to look as good as the vision we have in our mind of what giving birth will look like, but maybe that isn't always realistic. I love to see when moms post their photos with no makeup- they are glowing naturally. 

Advice..maybe just pack the essentials and leave the glam look at home- unless that's your thing. Rock on, mama!


Coming in at number two- too many outfits for baby.

We get it. We want our precious newborn(s) to rock the cutest outfits that we spent way too much time dreaming about and planning for, but more than likely you will only need a couple. Most moms said they actually preferred baby night gowns for easy access and comfort. 


And coming in at number three- too many outfits for mama!

Same concept here. Again, we spend about nine months envisioning what that hospital stay (or wherever you choose to give birth) will look like.

We want to take the pretty photographs that will last a lifetime and look back on and feel beautiful. Most moms that were polled said they actually preferred the hospital night gown...I know I did! 

Remember- you just gave birth! You are beautiful. You are a rockstar. You are superwoman, and it doesn't matter what you are wearing in that moment.


Don't let this be your hospital bag. Or do, whatever makes you happy!


What did you pack in your hospital bag that you didn't use?

What do you wish you would have packed more of if anything?

Do you agree with our polled moms?




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