Pregnant During a Pandemic: 3 Ways to Stress Less

pregnant during a pandemic


As if the stresses of pregnancy aren’t enough. Here we are in the middle of crazy times trying to navigate being pregnant during a pandemic. But here is the truth: it’s not a good thing having those stress hormones swirling around when your body is working so hard right now.  So how do you reduce stress in such an unprecedented, unpredictable, and honestly, very stressful time?


3 Ways to Stress Less While Being Pregnant During a Pandemic 


Be Prepared 


Talk to your extended family: Communication is key! The fact of the matter is, every family will have differing levels of comfort when it comes to having others around their brand new baby. Here is the great thing about this; YOU get to make up the rules. Have an honest conversation with your extended family so that they know where you stand and what to expect. This should reduce conflict in the family and, therefore, reduce your stress, mama!


Know the COVID protocols for your hospital:  The anticipation of knowing how things will “work” at your hospital can cause a bit of anxiety. Check out the hospital website or call to get information on what is and isn’t allowed. Is your support system not able to leave once they enter your room? No problem. Be prepared with all of the snacks, extra clothes, electronics, and other goodies for the hospital room. 


Get your nesting on: Nesting really does have everything to do with control. Your environment has an impact on your emotions. So, mama, it’s time to indulge!  Browse Pinterest, do curbside pick up at Target, watch the new “Get Organized” Netflix show, purge, get your home deep cleaned, and get the point. Do all of the things you want and have fun with it!

Practice Self Care


Get a prenatal massage: Most everywhere now has safety measures in order to allow you, mama, to go get that much needed prenatal massage. Make arrangements, book an appointment, and go enjoy yourself! 


Do some prenatal yoga: Prenatal Yoga is not only healthy for your body, but even more so your mind. You don’t have to be a yogi to benefit from practicing some breathing exercises, stretching those hips, and quieting your racing mind. You will be surprised at how much more connected and aware you are of the miracle happening inside of your body. 


Get your sleep: If you aren’t a first time mom and have littles running around, this one can be a challenge. But, regardless, getting your sleep is important. Use your weekends to take that LONG needed nap. Get to bed at a reasonable time every night. The more rested you are, the less stressed you will be when managing everything else going on in your life.


Find the Silver Lining


There is an unspoken stressor for many moms during this time. Feeling overwhelmed with visitors in the hospital is a natural response. You want to share the joy of your new bundle, but you’re also in pain, you’re exhausted, and you’re on a tight schedule among other things. 


My last tip is to encourage you to find the silver lining in not just being pregnant during a pandemic, but giving birth during these times as well. Soak in the peace that comes with having the much needed family time in the hospital. Just you, your partner, and that sweet baby.


You’ve got this, mama! You’re not alone.

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