Ooops! The Hospital Forgot The Newborn Baby Manual!


You carried this baby inside your body for 10 months and now that he's finally in your arms....he's screaming for who knows what! And so the worrying, that comes with motherhood, begins. Here's the lowdown of all the things nobody tells you about life with a newborn.  


Cry Babies  

Babies cry a lot and sometimes it's really for no reason. Crying is a way for little babies to exercise their growing lungs, even if nothing is wrong. Hearing your little one so upset can be stressful when you've already fed them, changed them, and rocked them until your arms are literally sore. 


Other times newborn babies cry because they want something. And the list isn't so long - check if they are hungry. Check if they need a diaper change. Check if they need sleep. Check if they are too hot or cold. After you clear that check list you can spend some time cuddling and carrying your baby around, and chances are the crying will stop soon. But we know 15 minutes of baby bawling feels like an eternity.  


Goo Goo, Ga Ga.  

Your beautiful baby can communicate with you from the life changing and joyful moment you meet. There are actually different kinds of cries, and after some time you can recognize the meanings of different ones from the pitch and loudness. This comes in very handy. It's part of the baby language along with the adorable cooing, giggling and other cute sounds they make.  


The Wonderful Scent of a Newborn  

It's amazing really that a little thing can make such a huge smell. It doesn't seem natural or even possible that nature could create such a sensation. We're not talking about that lovely newborn baby smell. We're talking about poop. As much as you love your baby, even nature can't make you love this part. Take heart that husbands need to share in this stinky duty too. Don't be shy to ask. 


Innie or Outie  

Babies are born with belly buttons but the part of the umbilical cord that is left has to drop off, which typically happens 2-3 weeks after birth. It looks very strange, and until it drops off you need to clean it. Later you find out if your son or daughter has an innie or an outie.  


Sleep is Complicated  

Babies sleep for about a whopping 16 hours a day. It sounds like an easy life. But the big catch is they rarely sleep for longer than 1-2 hours at a time! So your precious sleep is interrupted ALL THE TIME. And when you try to sleep, even though you are very tired, it's not always easy to make yourself go directly to dream land. In fact, often as soon as you get to sleep, it's almost as if they can sense it, and they wake right on up. 


The good news is babies do eventually take longer sleeps. Around 3 months old, most babies will add on a few hours and you can get some blissful shut eye if you are lucky.  


Before you know it you will be past that beautiful but blurry newborn stage of motherhood. Babies are considered newborns for the first month of their life. It's a learning curve filled with love and laughter, worry and stress and a whole lot of milk and laundry. Enjoy every moment and get ready for the next stage when your baby starts eating solid food. If you thought the newborn lifestyle was messy, you know nothing yet! 

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