#MOMBOSS With Mallory + Skye of Hope & Plum

Mallory + Skye of Hope & Plum

How did Hope & Plum get started?

We were both very into babywearing and Mallory was frustrated by the lack of options offered by companies for plus-sized women. At the time, we also struggled to find a company that fit our aesthetic as well as our values such as ethical production and inclusivity. Ring slings were a favorite for both of us, so we decided to just go for it! 

What was your background and how did you go about launching the product?

By way of background, Skye is a corporate lawyer by day, so the legal process of getting set up was a little easier for us! Once we decided to go for it, we got the basics of the business off the ground within a week and had our first products released in less than four months! It was a lot of late nights, but honestly as we have grown we look back and realize that those days were actually somewhat easier compared to now. 

How do you go about selecting the designs and fabric colors? 

We actually design most of our fabrics ourselves! Generally we are inspired in our daily lives and then we work together with our creative director, Gianna, to take that inspiration and create a design. Then take pieces from one or two designs and build out a collection from there! We have also started to do collaborations with other small shops which has been incredibly fun. 

Skye Of Hope & Plum

What has been your biggest accomplishment with Hope & Plum?

Bringing more awareness to size inclusivity in the babywearing space. We are also incredibly proud of the community that we have built and the joy of babywearing that we have seen in the caregivers that use our products!

Share one piece of advice you would offer to a fellow mom aspiring to launch a business. 

Consider a business partner! We cannot tell you the countless number of times we have had to lean on one another during this journey. Sometimes it is challenging having a business partner, but it has been our saving grace and kept us going during the hard times. Also, delegate things that do not bring you joy. We talk about this in the next question, as it is something we struggle with, but it is essential to continuing to grow and find joy in your business!

What are a few things you've learned about yourself since you first started Hope & Plum?

You have to rest, learn to delegate, and not take things personally. We are very emotionally invested in everything that we do since we personally design and/or curate every collection and are a part of nearly every piece of content that we put out. Delegating is also very hard for us because we have done things on our own for so long and it can feel like we are failing when we delegate which is NOT true! 

Is there any new products we should keep an eye out for?

We will be releasing mini slings for kids before the holidays and we cannot wait! We also will be releasing a new color that is PERFECT for the holiday season and beyond!

If you're struggling with babywearing or ring slings in particular, don't give up! Reach out to us because we want to help you. Our memories of babywearing are some of the most precious with our children and we want everyone to be able to experience it. 

Hope & Plum slings make the perfect gift for a new mom! You can also follow them o IG @hopeandplum

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