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This is such a brilliant idea that EVERY mom needs to keep in their diaper bag. How did you come up with this?
Well, I’m a mom just like everyone else and go through the same mess-stress we all do, because well, that’s just part of the gig! So actually it was one night when I was putting my daughter to bed and I suddenly remembered the pee soaked undies and leggings I had buried in a pocket of my diaper bag from my 3 year old’s potty accident earlier that morning. I had forgotten about them ALL DAY! I was so grossed out thinking about how they were probably growing things in there and felt so defeated that now, at the end of the day, when I’m usually some version of the walking dead, I was going to have to scrub and spray-treat not only her clothes but my diaper bag too. *Also it should be noted that I was not a first time offender at forgetting about messes for a day (or maybe two) so you can presume at this point a good chunk of my child’s wardrobe had been wastefully thrown away or bares the mark of whatever mess was left to stain it for good*.  After my daughter fell asleep, I walked out to our living room and jokingly (read angrily) pitched the early stage idea of our Soak & Save Bags to my husband whose immediate response was, “That’s it!” 


Share with us the next steps - how did you go about bringing this product to life?
The idea part was no problem, I am a creative by nature, but product development and execution seemed like a giant mountain to climb. The thing is, if your idea inspires you enough, you just keep moving forward, and that’s what happened with me. I took each element of the product and step by step built out a working prototype. Then we took that prototype and talked to groups of moms, built a concept video, and some lifestyle shots and tested the interest level on Kickstarter. Having that backing of those early supporters, I felt this was something we could bring to market, and used the Kickstarter funding to do our first production run! With product in hand we built an e-commerce website, social media channels, an Amazon presence, and started contacting baby boutiques to test in store sales as well. 
Wash It Later      
So far, what has been your biggest challenge?
Gosh…Everything! Having had no prior experience in building a business, I keep surprising myself at what I’m willing to try even when it feels really vulnerable and even when I feel really stuck which, when taking a leap of faith like starting a business, is literally unavoidable. Building and running a business is more challenging than I ever imagined but I think the challenge is a little addicting. I’ve seen it quoted a lot of different places but a mantra in our family is “everything if figureoutable” and that phrase has really been a lifeline through challenging times. 
And what has been your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment professionally with Wash.It.Later. is getting selected to be a part of the Target Baby Accelerator program. It was and is a hugely validating moment for my business/product. But the other accomplishment with this business journey is (as cheesy as it sounds) having my daughters see that anything is possible, that you never have to be just one thing, we can evolve, change, grow, and create and become whatever and whoever we want to be at anytime, and at any stage of life. 
Wash it later



What have you learned about yourself on this journey?
I’ve learned that while I am passionate, and resilient, I am also sensitive. Sometimes that can be a hard thing when your business/product is always being evaluated. I’ve also learned that truly connecting with people and having shared experiences as we go through motherhood is powerful, and something that you can build a business around in an authentic way! 
What advice do you have for other moms that may be on the fence about pursuing their dreams?
Talk about your ideas, find supportive networks, don't be afraid to ask questions and sound “dumb,” because your not dumb, you just haven't learned that yet! Always here for a conversation if anyone wants to reach out! 
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I am so proud of you Hannah Kate!!!

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