#MOMBOSS With Alexis Zimmerman of Nesting Olive

Tell us how you first got the idea to launch Nesting Olive and what was your inspiration? 

I have always loved nightgowns but had a hard time finding something long enough that I was able to nurse in after I had my little boy. After having my first baby I really struggled with the transition from working to staying home with a colicky baby all day, I loved him so much but desperately needed something that gave me an outlet to create and build something for myself. 

What was the process from idea to execution when you first launched the business?

Getting the product right took about a year.

What was your background before Nesting Olive? Did you have any experience in something like this before?

I knew nothing about the clothing industry so I started from scratch. 
I got my bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and then had my own wedding floral business.
I loved doing flowers but it was very time consuming for a new mom. 

How do you go about selecting the designs, colors and fabrics for the products?

I ask my instagram followers often what they would like to see and that usually guides my decisions.

Thus far, what has been your biggest accomplishment with Nesting Olive?

Nordstrom sells my dresses and that was such an exciting milestone for me.

What has been your biggest challenge with Nesting Olive?

Keeping the right patterns fully stocked, they sell out quickly. For the first time since I started I feel like we are fully stocked and ready for the holidays.

Share one piece of advice you would offer to a fellow mom aspiring to launch a business. 

Work on the business everyday, even if it’s for 10 minutes. As moms we get so use to putting ourselves last, figure out a way to make yourself a priority at least for a small part of the day. 

What are a few things you've learned about yourself since you first started?

I learned very quickly the things I am not good at in business and hired them out, that was the best decision I have ever made. 

Is there anything new coming that we should be on the lookout for?

Yes, I am working on new fabric for the dresses and robes and plan on releasing blankets next year!

Want to snag a cute and comfortable house dress (or more)? You can check out Nesting Olive here

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