#MOMBOSS with Tiffany Villarreal of The Milkyway Jewelry

 1. Tell us how you first got the idea to launch The Milky Way Breastmilk Jewelry and what was your inspiration? 

Breastfeeding for me was the best of times and it was the worst of times. But it was definitely a time of my life I didnt want to forget. After I had my third baby and realized it was my last breastfeeding journey I looked for a way I could have something tangible to represent that time for years to come. This keepsake jewelry for me was a way to close a very special and meaningful journey and reward myself for all the hard work that went into feeding all three of my babies. Over the years I have realized that these pieces, more than anything, offer healing to a lot of women. This looks different to everyone; maybe its healing from a devastating loss, maybe its healing from a time of feeling insufficient, feeling less than enough. It could be healing from, honestly, a tough breastfeeding journey (no judgement here). Every mama who orders from me is my inspiration and in making this jewelry it is my way of supporting them and letting them know they are amazing. 

2. What was the process from idea to execution when you first launched the business?

First, I asked around if there were any women locally that would be interested in getting a piece made. Unfortunately this was my first step and not actually testing out my methods. So I made pieces for women around my city while I was a teacher at a public school. I would meet people on my lunch break to get milk from them and drop off finished pieces. The easy part was finding beautiful jewelry and figuring out the style of the items that I would like to offer. I learned the hard way when everyone's jewelry started turning brown within a couple weeks and that I was not doing something right.
I researched and researched and experimented for weeks.
I hardly slept, I was determined to get this right. So when I finally found a method of preserving the milk I remade everyone's piece for them and then I finally got to really start building my business! It was a blessing in disguise.
Everyone really appreciated my honesty, and word of mouth let my business grow rapidly. I have stuck by always being truthful and admitting when I am wrong and you can't go wrong with honesty.

3. What was your background before The Milky Way Breastmilk Jewelry? Did you have any experience in something like this before?

I have a degree in chemistry and that definitely helped in my research and experimentation.  I always have had gears moving in my head and big ideas. I am not a person to sit still and let things happen to me. I give 110% at all times.

4. Thus far, what has been your biggest accomplishment with The Milky Way Breastmilk Jewelry?

Getting to leave my job and work from home. I get to homeschool my kids which is the biggest blessing I could have every asked for.


5. What has been your biggest challenge with The Milky Way Breastmilk Jewelry?

I think my biggest challenge is being afraid to ask for help when it's needed and then feeling like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I am very hard on myself and want to please everybody.  

6. Share one piece of advice you would offer to a fellow mom aspiring to launch a business. 

Don't be afraid to think outside of the box. If you fail the first time, please try again. 

7. What are a few things you've learned about yourself since you first started?

I'm a badass business woman and I can learn to do anything I set my mind to. 

8. Is there anything new coming that we should be on the lookout for?

I always have ideas rolling around in my head and you never know what may come. I am tossing around the idea of mentoring and maybe expanding to have a Milky Way based out of Canada! 

9. Anything else you'd like to share?

As mom's we are doing the best we can. Being a young mom, being an older mom, being the first mom out of all your friends, being the last mom out of all your friends. All TOUGH! Breastfeeding for a week, for months, for years. Being a milk pumping machine, not ever being able to produce, all TOUGH! This is VALIDATION that you are a rockstar mom, no matter what! 


10. Where can our readers find you?





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