Mama, Put the Phone Down!


Ok mamas, we’re all guilty of this to one degree or another. Being on our phones and not giving our little ones our undivided attention. As a single mom that works full time AND balances this little shop, I’m most definitely guilty of being on my phone to send/answer emails all the time. I’ve compiled three useful tips to help you put the phone down and be more present in the moment with your kiddos.

  1. Set a schedule. This is the hardest one – but it’s important to carve out time to be on your phone instead of carving out time to spend time with your littles. They are the most important, as they are only little for so long. You may think they don’t pay attention to our poor lack of communication or our inability to be present with them in these moments; but let me assure you that they most certainly are. Choose down times such as nap time, or quick intervals when they’re awake to check your Instagram or post a new photo. Otherwise, it’s important to give them that one on one attention during mealtime, floor play or even during your trip to Target. No matter how little they are, you can engage with them by talking, singing or playing a simple game of peek-a-boo. They love you and want to interact with you all the time, you’re their mom!
  2. Keep yourself and your little one busy. Keeping yourself busy and entertained will minimize your need to reach for your phone. We are more prone to reach for our phones when we are bored and looking for something to fill our time. Instead of plopping on the couch and scrolling your Facebook feed, get creative with fun ways to engage with your little one. There are tons of fun activities you can do at home or around town with your little one at any age. Find a play space or baby gym to engage both you and baby to get some fun bonding time in. If the weather permits, you can go to a nearby park – if your little one is a wee baby and not old enough to play, take a stroll for some much-needed fresh air and just enjoy being outdoors.
  3. Silence your phone. Even if your phone is near, when you can’t hear your phone going off, you don’t know what you’re missing…yet. Keep your phone on vibrate or on silent and turn it face down. Put it in a place that’s no so within reach in proximity to where you are around your home. For example, if you’re playing on the living room floor with your baby, put your phone on the kitchen counter. Before long you’ll be so engaged in playtime, you won’t even be thinking about checking your Instagram.


What are some tips you use? Share with us in the comments below!


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