All Moms Need A Village. Here’s How To Find Yours.

All Moms Need A Village. Here’s How To Find Yours.


We’ve all heard the adage, "It takes a village." And when it comes to parenting, it's true! Being a parent can be difficult, and that's why it's so important to have people you can lean on when things get tough. There's nothing quite like having a shoulder to cry on or outside wisdom and encouragement when you need it most.

But if you don't live near family, you're a single parent, or you've moved to a new city, how do you find your people? Parenting is a whole lot easier when you have others who will walk beside you through it. Here are some of our favorite places to look when it's time to build your mom village.

1. Check out Facebook Groups.

If you're looking for other moms in a similar season of life, there's no comparison to a great Facebook group. Try searching for groups in your city created for moms of a certain age group. You can also find groups based in specific parts of town, and groups that meet for playdates throughout the month. Not seeing many options for your area? Here are a few national groups you might love.

  • No Excuse Moms - Want to get in shape or just stay healthy? This is a free fitness community for women, and they currently have groups in almost every state!
  • The Mommy Grind- This is a “safe, non-judgmental space for mothers to seek solutions on how to navigate the daily grind in their personal and professional lives.” Sounds like the perfect spot to find some new online friends!
  • Mom Squad - A self-proclaimed place for moms to bond, ask for advice, and get a daily dose of laughter.
  • Modern Parenting Hub - This group is for all parents (dads welcome!) and it's a great spot to get advice and suggestions in pretty much all areas of life.

2. Find an in-person support group or meet up.

Longing for a little face-to-face interaction? You're not alone! Check local Facebook groups or local newspapers and magazines for parenting groups. You can also check to see if there's an organization like Mops International (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting near you. Want to bring your little one along so they can make friends too? Library storytimes, Gymboree Play & Music, and businesses like My Gym just might be the perfect place to meet your new mom BFF.

3. Try your local church, school, or community group.

If you’re religious, a church can be an excellent place to spot and meet other moms in a similar stage of life. If your kids are in school or daycare, attend events when possible and get to know the other parents. You can also try volunteering at your local community center, or sign up for fundraising events. You never know who you might get connected with. All it takes is a conversation or an invitation to a playdate for a new friendship to blossom.

4. Don’t forget to use your phone!

We use our phones for just about everything in life. And it can be a great tool for building your mom village, too! Looking to meet other moms in your area for playdates or mom's night outs? Try apps like Peanut, MomieGo App, or make a post on your neighborhood’s Nextdoor app. Hoping to find a babysitter or need an extra set of hands around the house? Bambino and Juggle could be a great fit depending on where you live. And last but not least, do you follow another mom on Instagram that you really enjoy? Don’t be afraid to shoot her a DM! She just might be looking for some new mama friends, too.


To any mom (or dad) out there who is longing to find their village, we hope this gives you some ideas on where to start! And as always, we’d love to hear your ideas for creating a mom village in the comments.

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