A Letter To My Mom Body

Dear Mom Body, 

I'm sorry for focusing on your flaws, and for feeling disappointed in you. For all the terrible things I said about you. And tears I shed after giving up on you when I felt "I'm just going to look fat if I wear that." 

I'm sorry for hating you when you didn't always look the way I thought you should. I'm sorry for doubting you and giving up on you when you needed me the most. 

In fact, you've done so much for me. You've allowed me to carry two precious children, keeping them safe and giving them all the nutrients they needed to be healthy and strong. You were strong when I needed you the most - helping me labor and birth the most precious gifts I could ever receive. 

Because of you, I was able to provide nourishment through breastmilk. And even though it wasn't easy, you helped me push past those tough moments when I just wanted to give up. Thank you for hanging in there with me during late night feedings and early morning snuggles. 

Thank you for showing me I don't have to feel ashamed of you anymore. Because of you I can honestly say, I am more brave, strong, proud and loved. 

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