5 Things You Should Never Say to Another Mom


Only a mom knows what it’s truly like to be a mom. To be exhausted, to feel true defeat, to have to be tough (more tough than most of us ever thought we could be). One of the sweetest joys of being a mom has been that no matter how many times I fail in a day, my baby looks at me the same, with that sweet forgiving heart of his. Why can’t we look at other mom’s that way?

“You don’t breastfeed?” (in a condescending tone, of course) – As a brand-spanking-new mom the last thing I wanted to hear was that I had to breastfeed, as if my son wouldn’t survive if I didn’t. Later I felt so much pressure from the world & other moms when I needed to make the choice to stop breastfeeding. I felt like a complete failure of a mom. We should encourage one another, lift one another up, because this mom thing isn’t easy. Making the decision to stop breastfeeding was what was best for our family and our baby. It wasn’t an easy decision, so instead of passing judgment, let’s be kind & trust that a mama knows what’s best for her and her baby.

“Oh wow, he/she looks nothing like you” Hahaha, my personal favorite. I prayed my whole life for a son who would look just like his father, and while I am thrilled my prayers have been answered, I don’t need to be constantly reminded that my son looks nothing like me. I am well aware, trust me. I mean, really, he doesn’t even have one of my features after I carried him around for nine months and labored with him for 17 hours. Oh well, better luck next time!

“Isn’t that a little much?” – Isn’t what a little much? You mean me trying to keep my baby from getting sick? It’s okay to be that “crazy” mom who constantly wipes down restaurant tables, airplane seats, and wears hand sanitizer like it’s some kind of accessory.

I realize my baby will get sick, but I think we play an important role in keeping our kids healthy and safe. To me, being that crazy mom means that I am being the best mom I can be.

“WHAT!? You don’t feed your baby during the night!?” – I thought that a baby who sleeps through the night was to be praised!!! Apparently, I was wrong and I am still not sure why. Before having my son, I read blogs that shared tips on sleep training and (bragging) moms who posted the sleeping schedule of their NEWBORN, so here I am thinking that was the goal of every mom. As it turns out, my son is the worst sleeper. He ate constantly as a newborn, and finally now at three months old, he has more of a routine and doesn’t wake up to eat in the middle of the night. And guess what? He is thriving. So, if your baby wakes up in the middle of the night to eat, bless you. If you have one of those babies that sleeps through the night, let’s praise that sweet sleeping baby and trust that he/she will wake up when it’s time to eat…in the meantime, let that tired mama rest, because I am sure she needs it.

FIRST BIRTHDAYS (big deal vs. no big deal) – This isn’t exactly a phrase; however, the topic can cause conflict. Pinterest is probably to blame, although mom’s judging other moms based on whether or not they throw their one year old an extravagant first birthday party is where the real conflict arises. I think this is a choice and every family is different. Some families are big, some families are small. Some people prefer small intimate gatherings and others like to throw elaborate bashes, how we choose to celebrate is a personal choice and let’s be honest, is the one year old even going to remember?


Written By: Hannah M.

Instagram: @hn.moody

Blog: Best Life By Hannah

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