3 Ways to Get More Done While Your Kids Are Virtual Learning

Get More Done Even When Your Kids Are Virtual Learning


Raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar to you: The morning was hectic, but you finally managed to get the kids set up on virtual learning. You sit down at your desk, but you’re a little frazzled so you stare at your computer for a bit before picking up your phone and scrolling through Instagram. By the time you focus back on your actual work, one of the kids needs help with their assignment. You sit back down, get your email opened...then you hear the baby...you get the point. 

Working from home is no easy task when your kids are home virtual learning.  So here are some tips for you on how you can take what is literally the most chaotic year of our lives, and get more done.

3 Ways to Get More Done While Your Kids Are Virtual Learning 


The difference a hot cup of coffee makes ;) 

Feeling rushed into the happenings of the day can feel overwhelming. So here is tip number 1. Establish a morning routine so that everyone already feels accomplished before the day even gets started!

The best part about this routine is that YOU get to finish your cup of hot coffee before throwing it in the microwave 100 times! Success! Create a simple routine for the kids: i.e. make your bed, brush your teeth, get dressed, write or draw 3 things you’re grateful for today, write 1 goal you want to accomplish, etc.  

Not only are you encouraging these amazing habits that will help them succeed as they grow older, but you are also carving out some time for yourself. You can plan for the day and feel productive first thing in the morning. It’s a win-win!


This is a mindset shift.  Your kids are now, in some capacity, your co-workers.  

I think moms make the mistake of 100% revolving their days around their kids. And to some degree, this is necessary because their schedules matter and need to be considered. But the truth is, YOUR SCHEDULE is the key to success!

If you have ever been short and grumpy with your kiddos because YOU haven’t been able to focus on work much that day...sorry to say it...but it’s not their fault. They need to be aware of when mommy is working, when they're working, when it’s family time, etc.  And the perfect way to accomplish this is by creating a “Mommy Schedule” for ALL to see!

You can categorize the day in these 3 categories 

  • Mommy is busy. Only interrupt if it’s urgent (mommy’s working or in a meeting, mommy is working out, etc)
  • I’m available if you need me. Come find me!  (co-working/virtual learning together, mommy is doing laundry, mommy is taking a shower, etc)
  • It’s family time. Yay!  (lunch break, dinner time, after dinner games or show together, bedtime routine, etc!)

Color code your schedule by category, and have fun with it! Chat with your kids about how this schedule will help everyone have a great day!


No need to roll your eyes at the idea of a schedule. I know that things won’t always go to plan. Some days will feel like a direct reflection of what all of 2020 has been. But it’s ok. You have not failed and you shouldn’t feel like you have.

I would say the most important thing to remember is to give grace. Creating added tension because you are frustrated with how the day is falling apart won’t help anyone...and it definitely won’t help you get more done.  

You are doing your best. Your kiddos are doing their best. You are all just doing your best. And that is more than enough, mama! 

Let me know if you try out any of these tips in the comments below!

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